Who We Are.

Sac Life is a new and exciting transition from what for 25 years has been Sac Faith TV, Sacramento’s interfaith station.  In Jan 2024 Sac Faith became Sac Life, Sacramento’s Information Station. We are the eyes and ears of everything in the Sacramento region and Nor-Cal.
Our new broadcast format covers; Community Outreach, Non-Profits, Health & Fitness, the Arts, Music and of course faith!

We work with all the above entities to bring you what is current and going on in the region. If you are involved with any of the above topics and want to bring a show or special event to air for all the community to see contact us at: info@saclife.TV

We broadcast on 7 platforms reaching over 4M households just on our 3 cable stations alone, not including our streaming or on demand viewing through our mobile app.

How it all got started.

In 1988, the Religious Coalition of Cable Television (RCCTV) was established  by the Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento (ICGS) as a way to bring positive, life-affirming programming to the people of California—becoming only the second local network in the nation to have a public access station devoted to serving the religious community!

Now 30 years later, the channel has made huge steps forward, evolving from an analog broadcast to now fully digital. We’ve also updated our program signal power and clarity, studio, equipment, and computer systems to better serve our diverse group of viewers and broadcasters.

And now have evolved into Sac Life - Your Inspiration Station

Where to find us...

If you’re a part of the PEG (Public, Education, and Government) Station community in Sacramento, we’re thrilled to be bringing you the kind of programming you’ve been searching for!

“We believe that Sacramento Life will enhance our ability to share the messages of what Sacramento has to offer to all our communities.

Sacramento Life TV is available on Comcast 20, Consolidated 19, AT&T 14, ROCU, Apple TV, Amazon TV, on our website at www.SacLife.TV, or down load our app to your mobile device from your App store just search “SacLifeTV”.