Do the Prophecies of the Bible Have Anything to Teach Us Today?

The Christian Bible covers many interesting subjects—the Creation, Ten Commandments, healthy living, the life and teachings of Christ, and the end-times, to name but a few. But out of all of these, I find Bible prophecy to be the most fascinating.
Whether it is Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in the book of Daniel, the Second Coming in Thessalonians, or the rise of the harlot in the book of Revelation, the Bible predicts many events—some awesome, some scary, nearly all mysterious—that have yet to be fulfilled.

"The bible is full of locks - the trick is finding the right key to unlock them."

Many of these prophecies are given in stunning metaphor and imagery. Some say these passages cannot be interpreted accurately, but I believe that God wouldn’t give us a guide without the ability to fully understand it. In fact, the Bible says that in the last days, knowledge would increase, and I believe that’s true spiritually. Just as our technology has expanded, so has our ability to connect the dots in the Bible.
It’s true that the Bible is full of locks—the trick is finding the right key to unlock them. The book of Daniel is a good example; the information in that ancient book provides the keys to unlock the mysteries of Revelation.
I bring this up because this month, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Granite Bay is hosting the series The Pinnacle of Prophecy with Pastor Doug Bachelor, the speaker for Amazing Facts International. He’s known around the world for his unique ability to walk people through the history and prophecies of the Bible in a way that makes sense and is meaningful for life today. I have been to a few of his prophecy presentations, and they are amazing. You’ll also enjoy that he simply provides the information and lets you decide what to do with it. So, I recommend anybody from any denomination or faith to attend this seminar series and discover for yourself what the Bible reveals about the last days.
Where: Granite Bay Hilltop Church
When: Oct 27 – Nov 11
Time: 7:00–8:30 pm

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Janey Ranlett - October 4th, 2023 at 1:54pm

Will the Pinnacles of Prophecy series be recorded and or televised live? or livestreamed? If I cannot attend in person, how else can I get the teaching? Thanks.