HOPE Sacramento Wants You Involved

My editorial for this month and next month is going to be focused on the upcoming event on March 23rd Saturday which is called,  “Hope Sacramento”. Part of a California 10 City Crusade for Christ!

Imagine 10,000 people on the steps of the state capital from noon to 8:00 p.m. enjoying a concert, prayer teams, testimonies, food trucks, and non-profit outreach while all being broadcast live for 8 hours on Sacramento Life TV. If you are a Christ-based Ministry or church or a nonprofit serving the Sacramento Community you want to be involved with this event.

Last year it drew over 5,000 people as a combination day of worship, community outreach, nonprofit forum and a community concert this year we expect to double that.
Have a great choir or praise team and want to perform live, or bring your tent and your people and hand out information about your ministry or nonprofit.  I will be interviewing you all live on television to tell our community all about you.

To get involved contact Hope Sacramento now email at: OfficialHopeSacramento@gmail.com
 If you would like to see how last year's event watch the video above and see what you missed and what you can be a part of this year.

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